Tel Aviv Shootings; photo documentation from 3 Perspectives

It is said that a picture says a thousand words…    so let these photos speak.

Three Perspectives

of the

Tel Aviv Shootings
– June 8 2016




Israeli Perspective

The scene after the shooting, 4 killed, 4 seriously injured
Chairs overturned as people flee the street in Tel Aviv (Sarona)


Medic works desperately to save a life


Moving the injured from the ambulance to the hospital for treatment


Israeli physicians working to save the life of one of the terrorists


Tel Aviv - Ofer Vaknin photo - Haaretz
[photo credit: Ofer Vaknin – Haaretz]

‘Palestinian’ Perspective


Celebrating “Operation Ramadan”


handling out candy to celebrate “Operation Ramadan”
operation ramadan - desserts to celebrate
#Operation_Ramadan “Fireworks and distribution of dessert in regions of Gaza Strip – gaiety for the events in Tel Aviv


Operation Ramadan - blood of settlers
#Operation_Ramadan “The remains of the blood of the settlers killed and wounded in the shooting in the middle of “Tel Aviv” and which 4 of the settlers were killed and 11 others injured”


operation ramadan 1.1K like love - death of 4 Jews
#Breaking “Occupation officially announced the death of 4 Jews in the shooting in “Tel Aviv” #Operation_Ramadan”


opertion ramandan - occupation foces
#Operation_Ramadan “Extensive spread of the occupation forces in the vicinity where the process of “Tel Aviv” in which 4 settlers were killed and 11 others injured. Occupation Forces decided to strengthen its presence in vital areas in #Tel Aviv”

The Media’s Perspective

“Shots fired at outdoor market, at least 3 dead, 2 “terrorists” captured”


13310551_992838840765637_3543176244569402556_n (1)
“2 ‘ultra-Orthodox Jewish’ gunmen kill 3 in central Tel Aviv – reports” [Note: the terrorists were dressed up as ultra-Orthodox Jews]
BBC - shooting incident
“Three people have been killed and six wounded in a shooting incident at Israel’s largest indoor market, in Tel Aviv.


Le Monde - fusillade = gunfight
Plusieurs morts lors d’une fusillade a Tel Aviv  [translation: Several dead from gunfight in Tel Aviv]

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