Security Forces Ready to Evict Amona Residents – pending vote on new proposal


According to an Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) report by Eliran Aharon, made on Sunday morning (December 18 2016, 06:43, Israel time), the residents of Amona have been offered a “new proposal”, following an overnight meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) and Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home), who met with a representative for the residents of Amona, Yossi Dagan (head of Samaria Regional Council).

This “new offer” looks very much like the “old offer”  except 24 families, instead of 12 families will be crammed into trailers (what Israelis call “caravans”) on a piece of land with an area of six dunams (6,000 sq. meters / 7176 sq. yards). This small piece of land, called “Lot 38” is circled in red, on the map below.

For information on the previous proposal and why Amona residents rejected it, please see:

To understand how the Struggle for Amona is a struggle for National Sovereignty, please see:

In addition, the state will ask the Supreme Court to postpone the eviction by 30 days to allow for the above preparation.


The remaining 18 families will be relocated one kilometer to the west, to the town of Ofra to wait for the Israeli government to build portable buildings on lots adjacent to Amona (in the area circled in blue), at which time the residents will be provided with permits to live on that land for only two years.  During those two years, the Israeli government intends to petition the courts to remove the absentee Arab owners’ names from the plots of land.

It was on the basis of only 4 plots of land (out of the ~ 30 plots on which Amona is built) that the High Court of Israel’s ruled that the entire community of Amona must be relocated or destroyed — even though the Arabs that hold “deeds” to these plots have not been present and have not paid taxes on it for decades.

Furthermore, the land in question was gifted to local area Arabs by the King of Jordan during a period in history in which Jordan illegally occupied and annexed Judea and Samaria from Israel (1948-1967) [see previous posts].

The residents of Amona originally had to decide whether they will accept the “new offer” by 8:00 AM Sunday morning which has been pushed 12:00 PM, in order to allow time for the Israeli government to request the Israeli Supreme Court delay the demolition (Israel National News, Arutz Sheva, Eliran Aharon, Amona, 18/12/16 10:41)

This “new” proposal, like the previous one rejected by the Amona residents was made without any guarantees on the part of the Israeli government. If the residents of Amona reject it, they will face immediate eviction.

15622339_10154264219483403_4851526594833845071_nSaturday night Israel time, it was reported on the Amona English feed on Twitter that security forces were preparing for the eviction of Amona residents and were closing nearby roads.



The following was reported to have been written by Naftali Bennett, following the meeting on Sunday morning and was posted on Facebook shortly afterward (account of Joshua Wander, Public Relations and Security Officer at the International Committee for the Preservation of Har Hazeitim (ICPHH):

בשורות טובות.
כרגע סיימנו מרתון מומ עם רהמ ונציגי עמונה.
המטרה היתה להפוך כל אבן על מנת למנוע פינוי בכפייה של רכס עמונה.

הגענו למתווה מסוכם, שעכשיו יובא להצבעה אצל התושבים.
עיקרי השינוי מקודם:
1. הכפלת מספר המשפחות ל24 על חלקה 38. במקום 12
2. יותר מרכיבי מחויבות של המדינה למימוש ההסכם (מינוי פרויקטור מיוחד, לוזים, התחייבות ראש ממשלה ועוד)

כעת, המתווה יובא בשעה 8:00 להצבעה באסיפת תושבים.
אם יאשרו, נעלה מיד קראוונים לחלקה 38 ונבקש דחייה של 30 יום.
כמו בפעם שעברה אשמח שתפעילו השפעתכם על מנת לשכנעם להצביע בעד.

זהו, הולך לישון עכשיו☺ נפתלי בנט

[translation by Google Translate]

“Good morning, friends.
Good news.
Just finished a marathon meeting with Amona representatives.
Target was to prevent the forced evacuation of Amona ridge.

Reached a proposal, now will be voted on by the residents:
1. Multiplied several families to 24 on plot 38. Instead of 12
2. More elements of the state towards commitment agreement

8:00 vote for gathering residents.
If you approve, immediately trailers for lot 38, and will ask for a 30-day delay in eviction.
I’d love to persuade them to vote “for”.
That’s it, going to sleep now ☺. Naftali Bennett”

Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) reported (Uzi Baruch, 15/12/16 00:40) that residents rejected the previous offer because:

“the proposed arrangement does not provide any guarantee or commitment that we will indeed receive an alternative home… In light of this and in view of the uncertainty in the proposal, the residents of Amona decided tonight…to reject the proposed layout.”

Given that the state has offered no guarantees and the same uncertainly that resulted in the residents of Amona rejecting the previous proposal remains, why would one expect the vote on Sunday morning to be any different?

The only thing that has changed is that with this “new proposal” is that 24 families would be living in trailers on Lot 38, instead of 12.

Who could blame the residents of Amona for rejecting a “new” offer that addresses none of their reasons for rejecting the previous one?

Amona (photo credits: Miriamm Alster / Flash 90) – Israel National News