The Map of Israel’s Fires



UPDATE (November 27 2016, 10:44 PM, Israel time):

According to a report in the Israeli National News, Arutz Sheva, firefighters have extinguished the blazes that have ravaged Israel over the past five days – causing close to 100,000 Israelis to flee their homes.

Approximately 700 homes were damaged or destroyed as the flames were fed by high winds.

“There are no active sites left. Since last night (Saturday) it’s pretty calm. We have no new activity.”

– Yoram Levy, fire and rescue service spokesman

Levy said firefighters dealt with about 2,000 fires across Israel, 20 of them major. He noted forces were still “on high alert” because of dry conditions and high winds not expected to change before rain expected on Wednesday.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday that 17 of 110 fires in Judea and Samaria were so far determined to have been arson and Israeli authorities suspect some of the worst blazes were set deliberately Arab arsonists looking to kill civilians.

capture_2016-11-27-12-24-422A video has surfaced reportedly showing Arabs in the Palestinian Authority holding torches and dancing to celebrate the success of new arson terror attacks against Israel — most of which were started by terrorists.

November 24 2016

There are several maps being circulated on social media showing the locations of the current fires in Israel, however by clearly marking Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”) and Gaza on such a map, it becomes abundantly clear where the fires are burning, and where they are not. Updating the map daily, with a different colour for each day is also quite revealing.

The map below was updated November 27 2:45 AM, Israel time.

Updated November 27, 2016 2: 45 AM Israel time
To the west of Israel is Mediterranean Sea. 

The dark blue area in the east is Judea and Samaria (referred to in the press as the "West Bank", as it is on the west bank of the Jordan river).  

The green area in the south-west is the Gaza Strip.


These are notwildfires” as much of the international media has been reporting.  Such terms infer they are a result of the dry weather.

Yes, they have been made worse by the dry weather, but these fires have been deliberately set, which makes them arson. Some have called it pyro-terrorism.

We’ve come to expect biased headlines like these…


… but 3 days after it became clear these were not “wildfires” and that the vast majority of them were in Israel, the Guardian posts this:



A closer look at the location of the fires in the so-called “occupied West Bank” (i.e. Judea and Samaria) are in what “Palestinians” consider Israeli “settlements”.

These are not random, and wildfires are random. These are not “wildfires”.

gas-canisters-with-detonators-israel-24_11_2016Incendiary devices made with gas canisters and detonators have been found in Israeli forests tied to trees, approximately 5-6 meters apart.

As you can see from the map above, Lachish Forest in the South and Segev Forest in the North are on fire – a result of arson.

“Arson fire caused by incendiary or sedition is terrorism for all intents and purposes.”

Benjamin Netanyahu

Significance of these Fires

These fires being deliberately set by those calling themselves “Palestinians” stands as irrefutable evidence that the Land is not, and never was theirs.

People don’t set fire to their homeland.

The “Palestinians” do not consider this land as their own.

They just don’t want Jews living on it.