A Powerful Silent Response to Antisemitism in America – in photos


“a picture speaks a thousand words”… so let these pictures “speak”

These photos are from a powerful 2 minute video posted by Rudy Rochman (link below). They tell a story – a very powerful story.  The story is of the choice people like you and I now face – and will increasingly face in the days ahead: the choice between apathy or taking a stand. 

Be inspired.

Antisemitism is real and very much alive.




Not only in Europe, but in America.




On October 6, 2016, a man came to Columbia University in New York City where he harassed, insulted and spread antisemitic lies – calling Jews “Christ-killers” and praising Hitler.





Some students supported the man…







Others walked by and ignored him.



Perhaps your reaction right now is:

So, it’s just one guy.

Perhaps like many others, you’d just walk by and do nothing

Consider another option.




Watch “just one guysilently take a stand.




…then watch another person silently join him.

Two people now taking a stand.




…then more people joined them.



The time for apathy has passed


Apathy resulted in 6 million Jews being murdered during the Holocaust. 


Yet, even then there were people like Corrie Ten Boom and Dietrich Bonhoeffer that would not – could not remain silent and do nothing.




What about now?

What about you?



Please consider sharing this link and the link to the video to raise awareness of the dramatic increase in antisemitism here and around the world.


Here is the link to the original video, posted by Rudy Rochman: