Vote on UNESCO’s Temple Mount Resolution to be Reopened?

Tribunal of David

UNESCO’s executive board may now be required to reopen voting on last week’s controversial resolution which effectively denied the Jewish connection to both the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, as the Mexican government now seeks to change its vote.

Last week, Mexico voted in favor of the resolution, but is seeking to trigger a special clause requiring a re-vote in order to change its decision.  A senior official in Jerusalem said Mexico’s changed position can mainly be attributed to the strong protests from Mexico’s Jewish community. Senior officials in the Jewish community said that Mexican President Ennrique Pena Nieto promised them, as well as Israeli government officials, during his visit to Israel for former President Shimon Peres’ funeral that Mexico would not support the UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem. However, last week Mexico’s Ambassador to UNESCO, Andreas Roemer‎ received a directive from Mexico’s Foreign Ministry to vote in favor, which he did.

Mexico’s dramatic decision would require that UNESCO hold a new vote on the Jerusalem resolution, which will be held at 11 A.M. on Tuesday.

Even though a new vote would be expected to be approved by a large majority, it may still allow countries to revisit their vote.

Israel hopes that other states besides Mexico will move to vote against the resolution.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (October 18 2016):  UNESCO Adopts ‘Occupied Palestine’ Resolution – find out about Mexico and Brazil’s new position on future anti-Israel resolutions, as well as Palestinian’s demands concerning archaeological sites: