UN Demands Release of Worker Arrested for Aiding Hamas and Calls Beersheva by Arabic Name

Abraham’s Well is the site of the well which was dug by Abraham in Genesis 21. The story in Genesis tells of a well which Abraham dug and Abimelech’s servants seized. Abraham gave seven ewe lambs to Abimelech as witness that he dug the well himself. Abimelech accepted the lambs and the two men swore an oath in the place, named Be’er Sheva  (Beer-sheeba).

Beersheba is also mentioned in Joshua 19:2. It was the southernmost city of Israel in Biblical times - hence the expression "from Dan to Beersheba" was sometimes used to describe the whole kingdom.

The United Nation’s has demanded that Israel release Waheed Abd Allah Bossh, 38, an engineer in the UN’s Development Program, according to Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon. Bossh was arrested by the Shin Bet (security service) last month, suspected of funneling funds to Hamas — the terrorist organization in Gaza.

Waheed Abd Allah Bossh
Waheed Abd Allah Bossh

Most grievously, the official letter sent by the UN to the Israeli delegation earlier this week, referred to Beersheva (meaning “seven wells” in Hebrew) by its Arabic name Ber asaabeaa – completely overlooking the Jewish roots of this ancient city!  

This is not unlike the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) resolution from April which referred to the Temple Mount by its Arabic term al-Haram al-Sharif and also to the al-Aqsa Mosque on the al-Haram al-Sharif, rather than to the First and Second Jewish  Temples on the Temple Mount, over which the mosque was built. 

Beersheva (called Beersheba, in English) is where the Patriarch Abraham and his son, Isaac (also a Jewish Patriarch), dug seven wells after which the city is named. The most ancient remains of Beersheva are from the 12th and 11th centuries BCE.

In the 8th century Beersheva had become a regional capital and in present-day Israel, Beersheva is referred to as the ‘Capital of the Negev’; a reference to it being the largest city in the southern Negev (desert). With over 200,000 residents living on 45 square miles (117.5 sq km), Beersheva is the 8th largest city in Israel in terms of population and 2nd largest, in terms of size.


Worth noting, Beersheva is located well inside the sovereign borders of the state of Israel; borders that have been recognized by the United Nations itself, since 1948

It is striking that the UN’s anti-Israel bias now leads them to contradict their own declarations.

This article was based on articles published in The Times of Israel, August 25, 2016.