New Hamas Video shows a very different Gaza


Is Gaza a place of immeasurable suffering and oppression as it’s been portrayed in the media or a beautiful travel destination?

This recently released 2 1/2 minute video produced by Hamas (yes, the terror organization) shows Gaza as one of the most desirable places to live; offering a vibrant lifestyle and all the amenities anyone could possibly want.

This not the Gaza you’ve seen in the news.

This video portrays Gaza’s beautiful beaches, its city squares and Western-style shopping malls.  We see Gaza’s neighborhoods of high rises and neat apartments dotted with spacious parks and its people enjoying all the activities of everyday life that we do — families on boat outings, children rollerblading, graduating university students and athletes on well-manicured fields. Notable are their well-equipped hospitals, extravagant dining halls, busy shops, modern hotels and resorts, even a lively nightlife. And throughout Gaza, we see smiling people holding signs with the Arabic hashtag ‘Thank you Hamas.’

Where is Gaza’s scarcity, hunger, poverty and hardship that are constantly being portrayed by Western media?

Gaza photo lawns and lake

This past June, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon accused Israel of “a collective punishment” of Gaza by allegedly enforcing a “suffocating” and “stifling” blockade of Gaza;

“The closure of Gaza suffocates its people, stifles its economy and impede reconstruction effort, it is a collective punishment for which there must be accountability”

BanKi-Moon, July 28 2016

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Have a look at this 2 1/2 minute video and ask yourself, “when I think of Gaza, does it look anything like this?”


UPDATE: It’s not just Gaza that the Palestinians lie about. This article exposes the ‘Palestinian’ claim that the Temple Mount was never a Jewish site – and uses documents from the supreme Arab-Muslim authority in Jerusalem to do it: