Putting the Pieces Together

Islam Israel and the World - Pieces

 These pictures speak for themselves

and will tell an emerging ‘story’

which ought to be known by every Jew and Christian

around the world

It is not a bedtime story

and not, at first glance, a “happily ever after” story (although the last picture offers a clue as to how many believe it will end)

This is not a “religious” story

If you are an atheist this is still your “story”

New ‘chapters’ are being written and read each day

and retold, in part – on news feeds and the media;

. . . in Europe

. . . in the Middle East

. . . in the USA

These photos consider “what happens next

with no ‘spoiler alert’ –

when impersonal data becomes very personal

& touches each of us –

our families

our neighbors

our country

You won’t hear this part of the story


the BBC

or al-Jeezera 

Let these pictures speak

a thousand words

most of worlds muslims not arab - abdul hye
Surprised? Only 18% of Muslims are Arab



Muslim population of USA
By percentage, Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the US (currently)


Europes Largest Population of Muslims
Already in the news: Germany, France & Belgium



Estimated Change in Muslim Population
Islam is the only religion expected to increase faster than the world’s population



size and projected growth - highlighted
By 2050, the projected number of Muslims worldwide will be approaching that of the number of Christians



Projection that Muslims will outnumber Christians in world 2070 - Pew
Muslims are Expected to Outnumber Christians by 2070



50% 0f Christians live in 11 countries - Pew research - cropped
50% of the world’s Christians live in these countries (see projected Muslim growth rate for the US)



53% of world's Muslims live in these 5 countries; see map of Middle East and Israel
53% of world’s Muslims live in these 5 countries (see map of Middle East and Israel, below)



81% of Jews live in 2 countries - Pew research - cropped
81% of the world’s Jews live in these 2 countries (see projected growth rate of Islam in the US)



Muslims surrounding Israel - part 1
The “situation in the Middle East” is much more than ‘political’. The role of religion is clear when considering Israel’s neighbors (SLIDE 1)

Muslims surrounding Israel - part 2
The only Jewish state completely surrounded by Muslim countries given to fundamental Islam.  The “situation in the Middle East” is much more than ‘political’. (SLIDE 2)
religion important in Palistinian territories - Copy
Palestinian Territories (HAMAS – offshoot of Muslim Brotherhood), Lebanon (Hezbollah)


support for Sharia - Pew Research 2015
Percentage of Muslims who want Islamic Law (Sharia) the rule of law in their own country



characteristics associated with Westerns by Muslims
The majority of Muslims in Muslim countries view Westerners as selfish, violent, greedy, immoral, arrogant and fanatical



Islam Israel and the World - Pieces
Some questions to ponder: What if the number of Muslims that endorse violent jihad is larger than 1%? What role does taqiyya play in what is portrayed in the media? What do Jihadis believe about Christians and Jews?

The End: is there a “happily-ever-after ending?


Zechariah 14
“The End” – as understood by many Jews and Christians – עולם הבא / Olam HaBah / ‘the age to come’


"Silence in the face of evil

is itself evil;

G-d will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak

Not to act is to act"

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


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