3 Articles on Islam

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Getting some sense of the actual size of the Muslim population worldwide is important, as is knowing some of what Islam teaches. These three articles provide the needed background to the next post, “Putting the Pieces Together” (link below)

  1. If 99% of Muslims are peaceful, how many is 1%? In the first article we ask the question: ‘if 99% of Muslims in the world really are peaceful, how many make up the 1% that are not? The number is staggering. This article is fully referenced, with 2 illustrations that summarize the data. Please click here to read this first article in the series: http://www.morehasbara.com/2016/06/13/assuming-99-of-muslims-are-peaceful-how-man-is-1-percent/

2. A Difference of Interpretation – what Separates Moderates from Jihadis?- In the next article in this series, we examine the fundamental difference between how Jihadis interpret their holy texts and how moderate Muslims do – and it is more than Jihadis taking texts literally. Please click on the following link to read the second in this series of articles: http://www.morehasbara.com/2016/06/14/ja-difference-of-interpretation-what-separates-moderates-from-jihadis/

3. Taqiyya – the Deliberate Deception of Islam – Important to understand is that all Muslims whether Sunni or Shia are permitted, even encouraged to practice something call taqiyya; which is the use of deliberate deception for the purpose of protecting the Islamic community or oneself.  If you don’t know what taqiyya is please click on the following link to read the third article in this series:

Here is the link to “Putting the Pieces Together“. It tells an important story, only in pictures and the above 3 articles provide the context. Please take a few minutes and have a look; http://www.morehasbara.com/2016/06/16/putting-the-pieces-together/