Tel Aviv Shootings; photo documentation from 3 Perspectives

It is said that a picture says a thousand words…    so let these photos speak.

Three Perspectives

of the

Tel Aviv Shootings
– June 8 2016




Israeli Perspective

The scene after the shooting, 4 killed, 4 seriously injured
Chairs overturned as people flee the street in Tel Aviv (Sarona)


Medic works desperately to save a life


Moving the injured from the ambulance to the hospital for treatment


Israeli physicians working to save the life of one of the terrorists


Tel Aviv - Ofer Vaknin photo - Haaretz
[photo credit: Ofer Vaknin – Haaretz]

‘Palestinian’ Perspective


Celebrating “Operation Ramadan”


handling out candy to celebrate “Operation Ramadan”
operation ramadan - desserts to celebrate
#Operation_Ramadan “Fireworks and distribution of dessert in regions of Gaza Strip – gaiety for the events in Tel Aviv


Operation Ramadan - blood of settlers
#Operation_Ramadan “The remains of the blood of the settlers killed and wounded in the shooting in the middle of “Tel Aviv” and which 4 of the settlers were killed and 11 others injured”


operation ramadan 1.1K like love - death of 4 Jews
#Breaking “Occupation officially announced the death of 4 Jews in the shooting in “Tel Aviv” #Operation_Ramadan”


opertion ramandan - occupation foces
#Operation_Ramadan “Extensive spread of the occupation forces in the vicinity where the process of “Tel Aviv” in which 4 settlers were killed and 11 others injured. Occupation Forces decided to strengthen its presence in vital areas in #Tel Aviv”

The Media’s Perspective

“Shots fired at outdoor market, at least 3 dead, 2 “terrorists” captured”


13310551_992838840765637_3543176244569402556_n (1)
“2 ‘ultra-Orthodox Jewish’ gunmen kill 3 in central Tel Aviv – reports” [Note: the terrorists were dressed up as ultra-Orthodox Jews]
BBC - shooting incident
“Three people have been killed and six wounded in a shooting incident at Israel’s largest indoor market, in Tel Aviv.


Le Monde - fusillade = gunfight
Plusieurs morts lors d’une fusillade a Tel Aviv  [translation: Several dead from gunfight in Tel Aviv]

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19 thoughts on “Tel Aviv Shootings; photo documentation from 3 Perspectives”

  1. Perspectives. Way to rationalize murder. Shooting civilians in a café is just that. Murder of civilians.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Elke. This post deliberately did not have commentary or draw conclusions to allow readers to compare and contrast the Israeli response with the ‘Palestinian’ one and arrive at their own conclusion, as you did. The neutral term “perspective” was used to enable to photos to speak for themselves. Yes, they show murder.

  2. I’m overwhelmed by the sympathy of the civilized world, the pictures covered in blue and white, the flowers, the outrage—-wait a minute, they’re only Jews. Never mind

  3. A picture speaks a thousand words, how true…nothing more to say except HaShem always has the last move for the ‘Apple of His Eye’ Shalom Y’srael

  4. To understand the reason how Israel is always on the bad spectrum of the world’s agenda……

    The UN Human Rights Council consistently and systemically condemning Israel so much that it has clearly become an outrageous evil infatuation.There are genocides taking place right now, and for years at that, yet one state is consistent with their condemnation ….. Israel.

    Something is wrong maybe ? Maybe I am the crazy one ?

    The bias and irresponsible media coverage out there on Israel; the only democratic and free society in the entire Middle East.

    Failure to understand how on a consistent basis a free society in the Middle East with unalienable rights for all people, all races, religions, sexual identity, gender identity , whether one is male or female; or really any demographic you want to include; Israel is the only country where every single citizen has the same pursuit of happiness. The only country in the entire region?? Really???

    Constant misinformation and media bias are always present but people will continue to see that terror has no boundaries. It’s hasn’t for decades in Israel; it won’t anywhere. It unites the rest against potentially, even tho a small percentage of people still equating to 100’s of millions of people.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Eric. You capture the reason for this site; to show the ‘other’ side of what most people see in the media, and in doing so, provide some balance to the bias and irresponsible media coverage.

  5. My sister and I finally got to visit Israel last year. We saw first hand who the aggressors were and who spewed hate. We met some really nice folks there and some really nasty ones. We saw one arrest of 2 Muslim women running near the wailing wall shouting and acting possessed of demons. Out of all the folks we met, no Jew spoke a hateful word about anyone and no Jewish person ever spoke badly to us. We are returning this year and will be staying at the little Jewish B&B AGAIN with our brother joining us!

    1. thanks from israel.
      you are always welcomed here, with us – the only human beings around the Middle East.

  6. Great article showing the media bias, the Palastinian perspective, and the Israeli point of view all in one place. Who will get to view this post? Who receives e-mails from the morehasbara website? I assume that mostly Jews and concerned Christians are your followers. Who in the media follows this site, and then realizes their bias, and changes by writing the truth based on facts? It is so very sad that only those that know the truth seem to care about Israel. The media bias keeps the ignorant, uncaring, and uninterested people informed with misinformation and untruths and as a result, that is all they will ever know and believe.

    1. Thank you for your kind and thought-provoking words — and your challenge to our readers. In the 15 hours since we posted this piece, over 6,000 people have viewed it, and hundreds have shared it on social media. You raise an excellent point, however:

      “Who will get to view this post? Who receives e-mails from the morehasbara website? I assume that mostly Jews and concerned Christians are your followers. Who in the media follows this site, and then realizes their bias, and changes by writing the truth based on facts?”

      … which provides a challenge to our readership. News outlets have pages on Facebook and newsfeeds on Twitter. Our readers sharing the link to this article in those places, enables those who otherwise would not see the broader picture, to see it.

      I hope those reading this will take a few minutes and do just that and for the very reasons you give. Sharing the link to this piece on CNN’s, the BBC’s, NBC’s and/or other media outlet’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, gives each one of our readers “voice”. It makes each one, a potential instrument of change. We each have one voice and the choice to speak or remain silent, and in being silent — unintentionally, complicit.

      The quote that motivates us in producing these posts and sharing them on social media, is from a man who stood up and was not silent during the Holocaust / Shoah.

      “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

      Thanks, Shelley.

  7. I am appalled yet again to see people rejoicing that an act of terrorism has taken place. These people have no respect for anyone’s life. They did not hesitate to use children and women to carry out suicide bombing. This hatred comes from the very pit of hell itself. Lord have mercy!

    1. merci beaucoup, Danilette! Voulez-vous est si gentille de poster la source de votre article comme étant à partir d’ici:
      Merci bien et bien a vous!

      thank you very much Danilette! Would you be kind enough to post the source of your article as being from here:
      Thanks again and best regards!

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