American University Students Fund Terror Attacks in Israel

Ami  Horowitz - PSU - 250 x 250

Ami Horowitz went out onto an American University campus last week saying “We are raising money to fund operations against Israel and the attacks we are talking about are soft targets like schools, cafes, hospitals, shopping malls, places of worship – civilian populations” and received hundreds of dollars from students to fund this cause in ~ 1 hour.

Ami Horowitz (Disruptive Films) went to Portland State University (PSU) mid-May because he wanted to see just how far America’s liberal students were “willing to take it”. Horowitz referred to the Pacific Northwest as “the home of the BDS (Boycott,Divestment and Sanctions) Movement” and he wanted to see if students here were willing to “take it to the next level” [and actually fund terror attacks against Israel].  The results are shocking.

Here are some of the things he told students as he asked them to contribute to this cause;

I work for American Friends of Hamas; we’re not your father’s terrorist organization.  We’ve kind of re-branded ourselves. Hamas is where it’s at.

We are raising money to fund operations against Israel, and the attacks we are talking about are soft targets…

“…the kinds of operations we are talking about are against soft targets like schools, cafes, hospitals, shopping malls, places of worship…civilian populations — this is what we are talking about.

It’s the only way we can fight back.  The suicide bomber is all we’ve got…fund operations against Israel, that’s what we’re looking to do“.


As can be seen on this short clip, students on this Pacific Northwest campus readily donated up to $15-20 each to fund suicide bombers to attack Israeli citizens in cafes and shopping malls, to murder children and teachers in schools, and to attack Jewish places of worship.  


It should concern all of us, American or not, that a generation to whom the Holocaust is at best “ancient history” or at worst, “a myth” have been primed by what they have viewed in the mainstream media about the treatment of Palestinians by Israelis — to the point that they are willing to fund the massacre of Israelis and Jews where they live, work and worship.

The willingness of these American students to fund suicide bombing of Israelis is the fruit of the lies disseminating by Western news outlets — that share the propaganda generated by the ‘Palestinians’ themselves, without bothering to research and present what history and documents testify to.  The news is full of such misleading information such as the ‘Palestinians’ living under “Israeli occupation“,  of “Israel having robbed them of their ancient homeland“, of them having “no voting rights until 1967“, and of being “second class citizens” in Israel, “without government representation” -while inciting violence in Israel and abroad by claiming that “Jews defile their ancient holy sites such as the al-Asqa mosque on the Temple mount“.

These news outlets fail to share the fact that;

  • Arabs in Israel were able to vote in the first election in 1948
  • the Land is the ancient homeland of the Jewish people for ~3000 years as verified by archaeology
  • the first Arabs arrived in 600 CE (600 AD) with the advent of Islam – more than 1500 years after the first Jewish Dynasty ruled (Hasmonean Dynasty, Maccabees).
  • the ‘poor Palestinian people’ are a creation of Yassar Arafat’s 1964 / 1968 PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) Charter [topic of an upcoming blog] and are the descendants of the pan-Arab Hashemites who settled there on the invitation of Haj Amin al-Husseini after WWI, from 1922 and onward.


It is barely 70 years after Hitler’s massacre of 6 million Jews (just because they were Jews) and the very same mindset that enabled him to take power has taken root in America.

…and the world is again asleep.