8 Million People View 3 Lies about Israel in just 4 Days

8 million view of 3 lies in 4 days

This “news video” from AJ+ [Al Jazeera in a new package] has reached 8 MILLION people in the last 4 days — over 5 MILLION views in just the first 24 hours.

The video opens by stating the

“The State of Israel was founded on May 15 1948 on much of the land that was known as Palestine“.

While not untrue, the inference here is that in 1948, “Palestine” was an Arab-ruled country or state, and this is not correct.

After WWI and prior to 1948, the area of present-day Israel, as well as the area of present-day Jordan were under British administration and the geographical area under the British Mandate system was called “The British Mandate of Palestine“.

This video titled “Where Did the Palestinians Go?” contains 3 blatant lies so we feel that setting the record straight is very important.

Here is AJ+ [Al Jazeera’s) video taken right off their web page and below are the three lies this video tells and the corresponding truth.


Here are the 3 blatant lies in the above video;

Lie #1:

“Today there are around 12 million Palestinians worldwide. About 1 million of them have Israeli passports, but they complain of being treated like second class citizens”


Arab Israelis have the identical civil and political rights as Jewish Israelis plus an additional one. Arab Israelis have the option of not serving in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).

Arab Israelis have more freedoms in Israel than they would have in other Arab Middle Eastern countries.

Lie #2:

“Close to 5 million Palestinians live under occupation or siege in the West Bank and Gaza, where they have no political representation”


a) In the area that Palestinians call “the West Bank” (i.e. Judea and Samaria), President Mahmoud Abbas has been the Palestinian President since his election in 2005.

In fact, President Abbas is serving year 11 of a 4-year term.

b) The people of Gaza voted for and elected the terrorist group Hamas in 2006 — a group which is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and which rules the Gaza strip.

c) Furthermore, Arab Israelis have elected Arab Members of the Knesset (MKs) that represent them in the Israeli government.

Lie #3:

“…the rest [of Palestinians] stayed behind where they lived under military rule without rights until they were given citizenship in 1967”


Israeli Arabs received citizenship and had full voting rights in Israel’s first election back in 1948.


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