The Current Situation in Israel – some context


When headlines in the mainstream media shout “Palestinian shot dead “, does the world stop to think whether this was after an Arab terrorist stabbed people repeatedly with knife? How the media frames headlines and the words used to describe them, is very telling as to how these sources want the public to interpret it — or not interpret it.

People may simply read it or hear about it, accept it at face value and move on.

To understand the current situation in Israel necessitates knowing the history of the modern state for context and as a reference point.

President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas recently referred to the killing an ‘innocent child’; a 13 year old boy — in a “cold blooded execution”  — that is, until evidence became available that the 13 year old, along with his 15-year old cousin stabbed a 13 year old Jewish boy who was riding his bicycle in a Jerusalem neighborhood.

The 13 year old who killed the Jewish boy was in an Israeli hospital receiving medical care, and there is more than sufficient evidence as to why he is there. He was neither dead nor innocent.

The Arabs in Gaza held their “day of rage” against Israel following the above events because they’ve been told by their leaders that ‘Israel is attempting to take over the Temple Mount‘ and is ‘executing Palestinians‘.

Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas incited the current wave of violence which started 2 days after his speech at the UN at the end of September, following the brutal slaying of the Henkin’s, an Israeli couple in their early 30’s — who were shot dead at point blank range in front of their 4 children

Since that time and for more than two  straight weeks, we have watched our news feeds as Israeli men, women and children are brutally attacked in the streets with knives and meat cleavers — for no other reason than they are Jews.

What is being done by the Palestinian leadership to quell the violence?

Abbas yesterday incited even more violence by falsely accusing Israel of killing innocent children; which lead to today’s “day of rage”.

The Jews continue to be portrayed by the media as ‘land-grabbers’ and the Gazan Arabs as ‘victims’ and most people who read about it or hear about on TV, simply accept it as portrayed.

This is both naive and dangerous.

Without people stopping to consider what they are being told to believe by any group and assessing whether it is true or not, allows governments or leaders or groups of people to act without accountability.

This is how any totalitarian regime took power during periods of democracy within the past hundred years.  Think of the Bolsheviks in Russia, Franco in Spain, Mussolini in Italy,  Hitler in Germany – all of these took power during times of democracy when the public were complacent and apathetic when it came to political affairs.

By the time citizens realized there was a problem, it was far too late.

[Please see the bottom of this article for a blatant example of such propaganda being aired on MSNBC and being passed off as truth.]

Arabs in Gaza are being told by their own leadership that Israel is ‘executing Palestinians‘ and ‘attempting to take over the Temple Mount‘ – both which are untrue.

Jews are portrayed as the ‘aggressors’ and Gazan Arabs as ‘victims’.

They may well be seen as victims; victims of Hamas, the organization that took over Gaza and Mahmoud Abbas who is in his 11th-year of a 4-year term, as Chairman.

It’s only when reporters such as the one yesterday on NSNBC are called out for lying about the situation in Israel on live TV, that people might begin to question what is true.

That is, if they have heard about it.

This same reporter was already found to have broadcast false reports in the past about Israel, so why is a major news outlet still broadcasting his reports? It seems accuracy in the media is less of a priority when the content condemns Israel or shows them in a negative light.

Sadly, most people are simply unaware of the history of the modern state of Israel and of the two Arab states that were already offered in an attempt to exchange land for peace; a peace Israel has not yet known and that from the day after the State of Israel was created in 1948, Israelis have continued to face the same situation as they did before, and as they do now.

There has been no peace.

Arabs in Gaza have made it clear for decades that they don’t want peace, they want all the land of Israel. As any part of Israel exists on the land that was part of the former British  Mandate for Palestine, there will be no peace.

Gazans fire rockets at Israeli cities and dig terror tunnels reinforced by building materials that were provide to them free of charge for the building of homes, schools and businesses.  Rather than building a viable infrastructure for themselves and their children, they teach their children how to stab Jews and hold summer camps to teach them how to use firearms and fire rockets.

Arabs in Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”) weren’t satisfied by the creation of the first Arab-Palestinian state on the east side of the Jordan in 1917 and turned down the offer of the second Palestinian-Arab state on the west side of the Jordan in 1947 have made it clear; they don’t want peace, they want all the land Israel is built on.

Arab offense is not where Israel exists but that Israel exists – and for this Israel owes no apology.

People protest the “occupation” by Israelis without knowing that the only ‘occupation’ in Israel since its foundation in 1948 was by Egypt and Jordan.

Jordan illegally annexed Jerusalem and occupied Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”) and Egypt occupied the Gaza Strip — from 1948 until June of 1967, when Israel liberated both the Gaza Strip and the “West Bank”, during the Six-Day War.

This was ‘occupation’, but the Arabs of Gaza and ‘the West Bank” said nothing — and made no demands for statehood.

Despite having a sovereign state, Israeli-Arabs couldn’t even go up to the Temple Mount until Israel reunified Jerusalem in 1967; after 19 year of illegal occupation by Jordan.

There is no ‘Israeli occupation’.

Judea and Samaria (aka the”West Bank”) would have become part of the second Palestinian-Arab state had the Arabs accepted Resolution 181 in 1947.

The Israelis accepted the Partition Plan in exchange for peace, but the Arabs refused it — a peace that Israel has never enjoyed.

If ‘Palestinian’ Arabs are calling for the ‘West Bank’ to be returned to its rightful owners after the ‘occupation’ -fine. That’s Israel.

As for the ‘defilement’ of their ‘holy sites’; the two mosques on the Temple Mount (al asqa and the Dome of the Rock) – both had fallen into extreme disrepair under the illegal occupation of Jerusalem by Jordan.

[see the post we’ve written about this]

These mosques only became of interest again to the Arabs after Israel liberated Jerusalem from the illegal occupation of Jordan, which came about as a result of the 1948 War of Independence, launched by neighboring Arab states just one day after the creation of the State of Israel.

Few realized that Israeli-Arabs couldn’t go to these mosques under the illegal occupation by Jordan, but could after Israel reunified Jerusalem.

Beginning in 1967, these sites were being said by Arab-Muslim leaders to being ‘defiled’ by Jews going up the Temple Mount to pray.

If al-asqa and the Dome of the Rock were historically as important to the Islamic faith as they claim they are now, why was it allowed to fall into disrepair under Jordanian occupation?

Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel (not Tel Aviv like most people think) and the Temple Mount is in our capital.

Israelis have no issue with Arabs worshiping in their mosques, but this is not reciprocated.

Prior to escalating to physically attacking Jews in the most recent ‘knife intifada’, Arabs on the Temple Mount have been harassing Jews going up there to pray for months. They have stationed Muslim women dressed in black (called Mourabitoun) who wail, spit and shout obscenities at Jews ascending the Temple Mount to pray at Judaisms holiest site, where both the first and second Temples stood.

How is it even remotely acceptable that Israel is held to an impossible level of conduct and expected to tolerate and accommodate Arab demands at all cost, yet the Arabs are not held to any account and there is no expectation for them to treat Jews civilly?

Are only some groups accountable or are there different standards, depending on whether one of the groups is Jews?

Historical facts should inform people’s views, not emotional rhetoric.


Media Bias

Here are two recent examples of the type of bias that is regularly seen against Israel.


When the same type of incident occurs in Israel and occurs elsewhere, such as Europe, the very same news outlet (in this case the BBC), covers the very same type of circumstances, with very different type of reporting;



Compare the two headlines:

(1) “Germany police shoot Berlin Islamist after knife attack”.

(2) “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two”

Do you see the difference?

(1) In the headline from Germany is clear that it was the German police that shoot someone known to be an Islamist. It does not say whether they killed him or not. It is clear that the person had attacked people with a knife and that is why German police killed him

(2) In the headline from Israel, the focus is on a Palestinian being shot dead. It does not say he was a terrorist, an Islamic Jihad member or that it was Israeli police that shot him. It also does not say that he was related to the ‘attack’ that killed two. For all the reader can tell, there was some kind of attack in Jerusalem where two people got killed and in the process a Palestinian many was shot dead.

Here is the actual story: A 19 year old terrorist, and Islamic Jihad member murdered 21-year-old Aharon Banita-Bennett and wounded his wife and two-year-old child and murdered 41-year-old father of seven, Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, as he attempted to save them.. The terrorist attacker – a 19-year-old Islamic Jihad member then opened fire on police who responded by fatally shooting him.

For the second example, please see our previous post about MSNBS’ broadcast (October 16, 2015) blatantly presenting a Palestinian propaganda map allegedly documenting how Israel has taken land away from the ‘Palestinians’ since 1947 [see previous post].

There cannot be one standard for “Palestinians’ and another or Israelis — one kind of news coverage for Israel and another for any other country.

The vilifying of Israel and Israelis — of the Jewish state is called ‘anti-antisemitism’ and when we said “never again” after the Shoah (Holocaust), we meant it.